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Temple Inland Container Corporation
Maysville, Ky.

For Temple Inland, TMS has changed rolls, pumps, motors, gear reducers, couplings, bearings, doctor assemblies, agitators, performed alignments and other types of paper machine maintenance. We have also performed capital work including installing an Enerquin blow box system in the second dryer section, installation of a GL&V head-box with large 316L stainless approach piping, Installation of new hood above new dryer section installation in size press location.

TMS also performed installation of a new felt roll re-configuration capital project, which included new frame-work and new felt rolls.

International Paper
Multiple Locations

TMS works in three International Paper mills; Riegelwood, NC, Georgetown, SC, and Pine Hill, Alabama.

For Riegelwood, TMS has performed cold outage maintenance on machine gear sets, press arm work on fluff pulp machine and various other maintenance. For Georgetown, TMS has worked on R-stamp vessels. For Pine Hill, TMS was awarded a capital project to upgrade part of the woodyard screen system.

Smurfit Stone Container
Coshocton, Ohio

TMS has performed work in all areas of the mill, which includes power piping, valves, digester rebuilds, paper machine pumps, machine components, pulpers, stainless approach piping systems and much more.

Sonoco Paper
Lancaster, Ohio

TMS was awarded a project to rebuild the last dryer section, including new frame-work, installation of five new dryer cans, moving other dryer cans, demo of existing drive and installation of new drive including new drive foundation. TMS also performed regular outage work at this mill.

Appleton Papers Corporation
West Carrollton, Ohio

For Appleton paper machines, TMS has changed rolls, pumps, motors, gear reducers, couplings, fans, bearings, doctor assemblies, agitators, performed alignments and other types of paper machine maintenance. We have also performed capital work including rebuilding wet end wire stretch system, rebuilding an on-line coater system, rebuild of GL&V winder drive and back-stands and waste treatment screw press.

For Appleton utilities, TMS has inspected and repaired F. D. and I. D. Fans and fan bearings, and alignment, replace fan rotor on F.D. fan, rebuilt coal feeders, replaced Detroit stoker hydraulic drive system for grates, D.A. system inspection, all types of paper machine equipment and repair and other various work.

Temple Inland Container Corporation
Newport, Indiana

For Temple Inland, TMS has performed capital installations including a new refiner installation with building structural rebuilds; Calender stack upgrade/rebuild; Top-Ply Former upgrade capital project.

Enerquin Air, Inc. / Rand-Whitney Containerboard Corporation
Montville, Connecticut

TMS successfully completed a turn-key installation of a paper machine dryer blow box system. This project included installation of structural steel, fans, motors, ducting, and machine blow boxes on the paper machine.

Domtar Paper
Multiple Locations

TMS works in six Domtar facilities, which include five mills; Hawesville, KY, Kingsport, TN, Plymouth, NC, Baileyville, Maine, Johnsonburg, PA and the converting facility in Washington CH, Ohio.

For Domtar TMS has changed/installed rolls, pumps, motors, gear reducers, couplings, fans, bearings, doctor assemblies, piping, agitators, performed alignments and other types of paper machine Maintenance and Preventative Maintenance.

Wausau Paper, Bay West Mill
Middletown, Ohio

TMS has worked at this mill for many years performing regular maintenance and capital work. Examples are rebuild of dryer section after major crash, which included removing hood, dryers, framework, gearing, bearing assemblies, then moving existing dryers, installing new dryers and rebuild of section, with start up ahead of plan. Also, complete disassembly and rebuild of Hi-con pulper and drive, with new foundations and drive base assemblies.

Marathon Petroleum
Catlettsburg, KY

TMS has performed both maintenance and capital work at this Refinery.    

TMS is trained within the Marathon quality, security, API and safety requirements and is approved to work in any Marathon facility.

Dayton Power & Light
O.H. Hutchings Station and  Yankee Station, Dayton, Ohio.

TMS has performed work on many systems at these two power plants. Work includes  rebuilds of large F.D.  and   I. D. fans, pumps, installation of ducting, precipitator work, heat exchanger work, piping, coal handling system work, minor turbine inspection work, various pumps including feed water pump replacements and other various work.

TMS was awarded a project to rebuild turbine duct system. Ducting replacement with stainless steel baffles, 8' x 10' x 25', 40,000 lb. duct replacement. Project required much rigging, welding, sheet metal and millwright work.

Honda of America and Global Performance
Greensburg, Indiana - Building New Automotive Plant

The TMS Portion of this project mainly consisted of piping and large sheet metal fabrications/installation throughout the plant.

TMS had on-site project management personnel and presently has a great working relationship with both Honda and Global Performance.

Anheuser Busch, Ball Corporation
Columbus, Ohio Can Plant 

For Ball, TMS is one of the main contractors that perform maintenance on the can washers. We also work on capital project installations throughout their facility. Most of the welding TMS does at this facility is stainless steel welding of machinery, tanks and piping.

Kerry Specialty Ingredients
Covington, Ohio 

TMS was awarded work for an overall capital expansion project for the Covington, Ohio facility.  TMS was involved in the installation of stainless ducting, copper and power piping installations.

YUSA Automotive Corporation
Washington Court House, Ohio

For YUSA, TMS installs piping, electrical systems, fans and moving various line equipment. We have also performed many capital projects including installing the 2006 Honda Civic parts line.

Woeber Mustard Company
Springfield, Ohio.

TMS was awarded the mechanical and electrical packages to install the equipment, structural steel, piping and plc control systems in a new process area at the mustard production facility. 

All project work went according to plan and all systems are working as designed.

Austin Powder Company
McArthur, Ohio

TMS successfully completed a turn-key construction of a bulk plant. This work included the construction of tank and production building foundations, building construction, tank installations, all utilities above and below ground and included process equipment installation.

PPG Corporation
Circleville, Ohio

For PPG, TMS works on pumps, piping, various handing equipment and performs R-stamp repairs to process tanks. TMS has performed extensive stainless steel tank repairs at this facility.

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